4 Tips to Buyinga Mattress Online

One of the most convenient things about the Internet is that you can buy just about everything online, from groceries to an entire town. A major drawback, though, is that customers can’t see, touch or try what they’re buying for themselves.

This doesn’t have to be a stumbling block to buying a mattress online. Even without the use of your other four senses, you can still find the best mattress for you.


  1. Know What You Want

A great online mattress buying experience starts with research. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the types of mattresses that are available, their pros and cons, prices and which ones are best for your preferred sleeping position.


If you think a type of mattress that you are unfamiliar with may be right for you, make a trip to a store and try laying on that mattress for at least 20 minutes. A small test drive can be just what you need to see if you want to look further at that mattress.


  1. Read Online Reviews

To find the truth about mattresses, turn to online reviews that provide a layer of transparency amidst the positive spin from the product description and company. Someone who has actually slept on that mattress can tell you more about how comfortable it is and how it is wearing than an employee focused on making a sale.


You will also gain a much wider range of opinions versusone or two opinions if you opt to shop in a brick-and-mortar store. You may find hundreds of reviews for a single mattress from people who have different preferences and have had different experiences with that bed.


A reviewer can also tell you if the company honors its warranties and has good customer service.


  1. Seek Out Opinions

The second half of putting reviews to work for you is taking a look at the company or manufacturer’s social media pages or seeing if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau.


Just like product reviews, customers may have posted to these pages or replied to posts that can help you gauge the quality of the mattress and the shopping experience.You may also be able to see how the company responds to and handles posts, especially negative ones, from customers.


  1. Pay Attention to the Return Policy

Say you buy a mattress online and it doesn’t work for you, does the company allow returns? Will you have to pay the return shipping? These are important questions to answer because you won’t be able to lay on the mattress prior to purchasing it.


Shipping and handling costs just to receive the mattress could quickly add up, then multiply if you send the mattress back. You may also have to wrestle the mattress back into packaging and take it to a mailing location, which could be an added hassle.


Some companies allow you to sleep on the mattress for 30 to 100 nights and cover return shipping and handling, which may include having someone pick up the mattress at your house. This topic can’t be boiled down to only four points, so read more on The Sleep Junkie.