5 Ways to Find and Maintain a Great Crib Mattress

Get a great crib mattress with our helpful guide. With these tips, you’re baby will fall asleep happy.

It’s a sea of crib mattresses out there, and you just need one. And they all look the same. These tips can help you discern the differences between mattresses and find the right mattress for you and your baby.


  1. Go Natural

Organic products are made from natural materials that can be safer for infants. Mattresses made from artificial materials might trigger allergies and emit chemicals that could cause breathing problems.


  1. Check the Measurements

The size of crib mattresses is set by law but it’s still a good idea to ensure that the mattress will fit snugly in the crib. A mattress that is too big can hamper the function of the crib, keeping the sides from going up and down. A mattress that is too small creates gaps between the mattress and the frame where your baby could become trapped. You want to have no more than two fingers worth of space between the mattress and the frame at any point.


  1. Go for Comfort

You want a comfortable bed for you baby but not one that’s too soft, which could increase the risk of suffocation. Check the bed’s softness by pressing your hand against it. You want a mattress that springs back quickly when you move your hand. It’s best to find a mattress that is both comfortable and firm.


  1. Spend More for Quality

Crib mattresses are relatively cheap, typically running between $50 and $250 depending on if you pick a foam or innerspring mattress. An organic mattress may cost as much as $500. Although you may only use it for a few years, it’s still worth spending more to get a high quality mattress that will work well for you.


  1. Ensure Simple Cleaning

A mattress that is easy to clean can be a godsend in the hectic busyness of having a baby. Some crib mattresses have laminated outer layers that are water resistant and can be wiped down with damp cloth and a mild cleaner. You can also purchase a waterproof mattress cover to further protect your investment.