Is Memory Foam Toxic?

The world runs on chemicals used in the compounds and products that make up our daily lives. Sometimes those things, such as lead-based paint, are found to be harmful after years of use.

One of the great concerns of this century is plastics but polyurethane isn’t too far behind. Polyurethane can be found throughout our lives, from adding a glossy coat to furniture to creating a soft, supportive memory foam mattress.


Because the polyurethane in memory foam is made from petroleum byproducts, many people question if it’s as safe as plant-sourced mattress materials, such as natural latex.


Facing the Fear of Toxicity

A memory foam mattress doesn’t have to be a source of worry when it comes to your health. Most mattressesemit chemicals and memory foam is no exception but you can take steps to prevent any ill effects and still enjoy the benefits of a memory foam mattress.


The first thing you can do is look for a naturally sourced memory foam mattress that uses plant-based oils for its structure. These mattresses may be free of chemicals like formaldehyde and VOCs, which are common ingredients in traditional mattresses and may cause respiratory problems or allergic reactions.


Plant-based memory foam may also be cooler than the petroleum-based foam that is notorious for trapping heat.


If you do opt for a conventional memory foam mattress, you can lessen any potential impacts on your health by speeding up its rate of emission, or ratheraccelerating the off-gassing process. Basically, you want the mattress to release more of the chemicals sooner. You can do this by heating up your house, then turning on a fan and opening windows to ventilate the room.


Why Memory Foam is Used

Despite concerns, memory foam came to be a popular component for mattresses because of its positive attributes. Memory foam easily molds and fits your body while retaining its shape and providing firm, consistent support.


It’s that sink-into-it support that continues to make memory foam a part of high quality mattresses that can last for more than a decade.